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Let’s say you have the best location when it comes to your properties. It comes with a complete set of facilities and is well-maintained. You just have to wait for the tenants to fill your vacant properties. But one common mistake of property owners is that they don’t screen their tenants, and accept whoever applies for the unit.


Take in mind that there are good and bad tenants. You have to carefully select them so that responsible tenants will occupy your facilities. With the help of an expert rental management Perth company, you can hire professionals to do a thorough screening for tenant applicants.

Here is a list of things you can do to find the best tenants for your properties:


Obey The Law

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The first thing you should do is know the laws that apply when it comes to screening tenants. As stated by the Federal Fair Housing Act, you must treat all potential tenants equally. The Act says that you can’t discriminate prospective tenants based on their colour, race, sex, religion, disabilities, etc. You can also search for local laws that may apply to the state where your properties are located.

Ask The Right Questions

It doesn’t hurt to ask a few questions to the applicants. With their answers, you can get a hint of whether they’re a good or lousy tenant. Ask them why they decided to move and if their answer is they didn’t like their previous landlord, it can be a bad sign. But if their answers are because they change job locations or need a bigger space that can be a good sign.


You can further ask other questions like, ”what is your monthly source of income?”, “Will you allow us to do a check on your criminal background?”, “Do you have any pets?”, “Who will live with you?”. And if they feel hesitant to answer or comply with these questions you can ask them to look for other units.

Perform A Background Check

You don’t want to accept a tenant who is a possible criminal. So it’s best to do a criminal background check to see if they have previous minor or severe offences. Criminal records are open for public viewing upon legal requests. You’ll need to ask for their name and birthdate. Also, request for a valid ID to support their claims so that you’re confident that they didn’t falsify their information.

Check Their Track Record

If they had previous landlords, you could ask their experience with that specific tenant. You can ask questions regarding the tenant like, are they able to pay on time, were they responsible in keeping a clean unit or cause any damage to their units, did they make complaints often,  if ever they were evicted, what was the reason, etc.


You may also want to check their employment status and past addresses. Do they often move from place to place or do they switch jobs often? If they move frequently, the chances of them moving out from your property are quite high, and you’ll have a vacant unit again. And if they often switch jobs, they may not be able to pay their rent on time.