Basic Tips For Novices to Rent a Property In Dubai

Dubai is one of a world richest city and investors loves to invest money here in hope of good returns. But everyone doesn’t know how this city works and often times people lose quite a money of following the wrong procedures. Sometimes property managers in dubai misguide people and simple people make a wrong decision. In this guide I will try to explain the process of renting a property in simple words. Here in Dubai you have a lot of options to rent a property either you can rent property for long term or for short term it depends how long you are living here like i am living here in Dubai and i am living in an apartment on long term apartment rentals. If you are visiting in Dubai and want to stay for short time you can also find Holiday homes which are available almost in every area of dubai. To go for luxury holiday homes Dubai you can hire Key One Holiday Homes Dubai that will provide you the best luxury and normal holiday home for rent.

Type of Rent Agreement

Most landlords in Dubai rent their property on a fixed-term contract, an agreement between the landlord and tenant to uphold the obligations of the contract within a time frame.  Rental agreements are usually annually in Dubai. Tenants should thoroughly understand the contract before signing anything. Ask many questions to the landlord or real estate agent before signing the lease agreement. The contract should define the term of the agreement, amenities, listed costs, payment method and which maintenance responsibilities belong to the tenant and landlord.

Proper Documentation Compulsory

Dubai’s rental laws require tenants to present their national passport, visa copy and Emirates ID to rent an apartment. New arrivals should seek an unfixed contract if they do not have possession of all appropriate documents.

Which Payment Method

According to property management dubai based company, Landlords rarely accept monthly rent payments and will request rent to be paid in cheques; from a single cheque or up to 4 cheques. This system provides assurances to landlords that the tenant will follow the rules and uphold his duration of the contract. The agreed upon number of cheques for payment is usually negotiable. Landlords might lower the rent amount if fewer cheques are paid in a year.

What Are Additional Costs

Renting property in Dubai requires a security deposit, which is typically 5% of the annual rent amount and a real estate agent’s fee. The security deposit will be refunded upon the completion of the lease agreement. Tenants will also pay the Dubai Electric and Water Authority(DEWA), which can cost approximately AED 2,000 just to register and a monthly amount which depends on utility usage.

Avoid Bounced Cheques in the UAE

Submitting a cheque while knowing it will bounce is a criminal offence in the UAE. Article 401 of the Penal Code of the UAE states that a person can face imprisonment or a fine if proven to deliberately issue a …

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How To Create Compelling Ad Copy For Your Cleaning Business

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