Modular Monitor: How GCs, trades and architects view offsite construction, by the numbers

Because Design Dive began using the pulse of offsite design, this column has been inundated with praise for the approach from self-recognized modular builders.

Modular-centered companies are placing collectively vertically integrated business types, handing in excess of keys to turnkey structures and even contacting the motion disruptive. 

But modular builders possible just cannot go the needle on their possess, so the concentration is distinctive for this month’s column: modular’s other stakeholders. 

Though there are in excess of two hundred modular builders in the U.S., according to the Modular Developing Institute, commercial modular making only accounts for about four% of the market. It would get sweeping acquire-in from conventional contractors, designers, entrepreneurs and all applicable trade experts for modular to be outlined as an sector disruption, or a “major disturbance in the way matters are done,” as Ivan Rupnik, an affiliate professor at Northeastern University’s University of Architecture, puts it.


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