High-speed rail projects move forward despite coronavirus

With more people working remotely, transportation agencies have found themselves with less revenue, which could mean fewer expansions of commuter transit services and a diminished ability to stay current with maintenance. In New York City, for example, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) officials said recently that without federal assistance, the agency faces a $16 billion funding gap through 2024 and has put its $50 billion capital program on hold in no small part because of coronavirus-related loss in revenue.  

High-speed rail projects could feel the cash crunch as well, although, according to those agencies and developers, their projects are chugging along, and officials are optimistic about their ability to deliver on anticipated demand.

Read on for an update on some of the most high-profile high-speed rail projects in the works in the U.S.

California bullet train

Permission granted by California HIgh Speed Rail Authority


California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) officials have

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