Spending A Vacation in St Martin or St Maarten – Choice Is Yours

Saint Martin or Sint Maarten whatever you call it, is the most popular vacation destination in the Caribbean and has a unique aura of its own. French on one side, and Dutch on the other – the peaceful co-existence of two different cultures for over 360 years is what makes the tropical beach paradise of St Martin so special among vacationers.
Exotic beaches, picturesque sceneries, pleasant weather combined with the sprawling ocean all around and the magical world of coral reefs underneath its turquoise water add to the charm of the place. These are also the reasons behind St Martin’s increasing popularity as a vacation destination. But which side to choose for your next vacation? It is the Dutch territory of Sint Maarten or the French Collectivity of Saint Martin?
Both the sides have distinct features and are unique in their own ways. Though the island is administered by two
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