How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

Create your beds somewhere that gets at minimum five to six hrs of every day daylight — the more, the greater! Orient them north to south to reduce plants from shading every other out. Beds must be at minimum a foot large, while no more than 4 feet across to make weeding and harvesting manageable. Six to eight feet extensive is usual and price tag-effective. Ten to fourteen inches is an best top to accommodate sturdy roots. Depart at minimum two or 3 feet between beds for going for walks and wheelbarrow access.

The brilliance of a plank-and-rebar design and style (see earlier mentioned) is that every person wall is easily changed. Consider in a natural way rot-resistant versions of wood, this sort of as oak, cedar, and redwood.

You want the form that is dark, rich, and loaded with microorganisms. Fill your beds with a blend

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