Could ‘smart walls’ replace physical barriers at the US-Mexico border?

Nelson Balido is the principal and founder of Balido & Associates, a strategic business consultancy with federal government, trade, travel, stability and cross-border knowledge. Viewpoints are the author’s own.

6 months out from President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the upcoming of the border wall among Mexico and the United States is up in the air. There is not doubt that his stop-work govt order will impact the fate of our country’s southern border barrier and have extraordinary consequences for building firms presently in business with the federal government as properly as firms that hope to acquire federal contracts in the upcoming. 

The stop work purchase halts the generation of any new contracts for building of the actual physical border wall, and stops motion ahead on any phases of building that have not however been committed for or begun. 

Even so, that does not imply there will be zero alternatives to

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