Buyers Consider Disaster Risk in Purchase Decisions

When making a record of should-haves and would-likes, 3 out of four homebuyers involve some thought of disaster danger, in accordance to a real estate study.

CHICAGO – About 3 in four the latest homebuyers say they factored natural disasters into their final decision when choosing a locale for their new residence, in accordance to a new study of about three,000 individuals executed by real estate

Nationwide, seventy five% of the latest residence consumers say they’re anxious about the risk of natural disasters. The natural disasters that have them most anxious are:

  • Tornadoes (39%)
  • Severe Chilly Or Winter Storms (38%)
  • Floods (35%)
  • Hurricanes (29%)
  • Earthquakes (21%)
  • Wildfires (seventeen%)
  • Droughts (eleven%)
  • Sinkholes (8%)

In addition, a single out of 3 respondents say they’d even think about providing their present residence and relocating to stay away from natural disasters.

Home owners positioned in rural and suburban places are the most

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