26 Best Living Room Rug Ideas

Regan Wood

Very first woven by nomadic tribes out of reeds and grasses 5,000 many years ago, rugs have been a mainstay of interior decor for millennia—and for great purpose! Often the unsung hero of home decor, rugs soften footfall, absorb sounds and are superb internal insulators, in turn assisting to slice down heating bills. Operation aside, rugs can also completely renovate a place by tying a color scheme alongside one another and incorporating texture, dimension and assertion-generating design and style. An additional purpose why you will rarely see a designer go up the opportunity to utilize an location rug in a residing place? They set boundaries and determine zones, delineating areas only devoted to some considerably-desired R&R.

Irrespective of whether it is employing an beautiful flatweave, Kilim runner or a striped assertion rug, designers constantly show that rugs are extra than just utilitarian items. When paired with a normally

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