Who Can File a Code of Ethics Complaint?

Pricey Joey: Code of Ethics’ headings feel directed to precise persons – fellow Realtors, users of the general public, etc. Does that limit who can file certain kinds of ethics complaints? Or are the headings just headings?

ORLANDO, Fla. – Pricey Joey: In the Code of Ethics, the articles or blog posts surface underneath headings – Duties to Customers & Customers, Duties to the General public and Duties to Realtors®. Do these headings bear any bodyweight on who can file a criticism? – Coverage Expert

Pricey Coverage Expert: You pose a wonderful dilemma that I’m guaranteed numerous have asked in the earlier. In point, we not long ago had a related dilemma. That member asked, “Can a member of the general public cite articles or blog posts fifteen-17 in a criticism? I am only pondering since the heading for those articles or blog posts says, “Duties to Realtors,”

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