With Uncertainty Roiling Equities, New Survey Finds 98% of Investors Plan to Put Significant Funds in Commercial Real Estate

AUSTIN, Texas, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Even before the war in Ukraine brought more uncertainty to an already turbulent stock market, 2022 held great promise for online property investing platform CrowdStreet. Its 2022 Investor Benchmark Survey found 98% of respondents plan to make at least one private equity real estate investment in 2022, while 65% plan to invest less in stocks and bonds. While CrowdStreet raised $1.2 billion from retail investors last year—twice as much as ever before in a single year—funds raised since January 1 show it will likely outpace its 2021 performance.

Investors are diversifying their portfolios—and balancing risk—with commercial real estate.

CrowdStreet, the nation’s largest online private equity real estate investing platform, drew respondents from its network of accredited investors.  All 1,111 survey participants were in complete agreement on their plans to invest in private equity real estate enthusiastically  this year.  Key survey findings

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