Whether you are young or old, retired or have not yet retired, it is not a bad idea to plan your future or think ahead. This is also why this article was written, so sit back and plan your future as you read the five reasons why you should retire in Florida.

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No State and Inheritance Tax

The first and very convincing reason is that there is no state income tax and no inheritance tax. For Florida Retirement Real Estate & Taxes, be at ease because if there is no state tax, this means there is no tax on social security retirement benefits, pension income, and income from IRA or 401(k). The property taxes are also very low as well as the sales tax in Florida.

Lower expenses and Costs

Living in Florida, you will have lower expenses and costs compared to living in other states. From groceries to renting an apartment or home, they are all quite affordable, which is another great reason why you should retire in Florida. There are also retirement villages for senior citizens and are such a bounty for them because of the services they provide as well as the company of so many residents who make each other feel comfortable and welcome. Find the best retirement homes in Florida. They offer one-story homes with all the amenities that will be needed. The village has quick access to Florida’s attractions and beaches and consists of a great number of services for residents which are:

-24-hour gatehouses

-Full Service Bank

-Boat Dock and Ramp



-Tennis Court


-Arts and Crafts


-Wellness Director and activity staff

-And So much more!


Living Florida is like taking a very long and enjoyable vacation. The weather is one of the reasons why you should definitely retire in Florida. Florida has great weather and sometimes it can get a bit warm, but this why everyone gets attracted to the excellent beaches there. The many resorts and beaches are accessible to you at any time. The type of weather Florida has is perfect for active families and senior citizens who do not want to deal with too much work because of rough weather.

Active lifestyle

In Florida, there is a high chance you will be more active than you are now because of the lifestyle lived there. Many are almost always ready to have some fun at the beach by swimming, surfing, and biking. Residents and visitors enjoy an active lifestyle. The warm temperature in Florida also brings people towards the water. There are many neighborhood pools and community pools in service for people to use, which makes it very convenient.

Room for family and visitors

If your family and friends come to visit your Florida apartment, don’t worry about the space. Amazingly, Florida apartments have an extended room attached to the home, yet has a separate entrance. The room is called, “the mother-in-law” suite and is perfect for when visitors arrive. This also saves you and your guest’s money from purchasing a room or going out. Lastly, if you have a pet or dog, there is a very pet-friendly environment in most Florida cities. Many Florida cities welcome pets with outdoor restaurants and dog parks. Additionally, there are numerous attractions in Florida, such as, Florida’s natural beauty, cultural attractions, lower expenses, and convenience, which will leave you considering living in Florida after your honorable retirement.