How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Warm & Cozy Boho Retreat

Present day bohemian type is all about tapping into that quick-breezy West Coast mind-set for a house that decreases the excitement of every day life to a whisper. It can be no ponder it’s turn out to be a go-to search for bedrooms, the first area we retreat to when we have to have a minimal R&R.

Lis Engelhart, Great Housekeeping’s visual styling director, is a large lover. “I love how boho type evokes a destination like a beach getaway or boutique resort, and that’s just the type of dreamy and comfortable vibe that you want in your bed room,” she suggests.

The good news is, you can tap into the tranquility of modern day boho type at The Household Depot. They have an overall selection of products and solutions that, when merged, can flip your bed room into a absolutely free-spirited oasis, from pillows to rugs and far

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