Creating a Beautiful and Efficient Kitchen Workspace

If you’re looking to renovate a room in your house, look no further than the kitchen. A kitchen renovation is one of the home renovations that make homeowners happy. If you don’t consider yourself very skilled in the kitchen, maybe giving it a new look will make you more confident and willing to be in the kitchen and try new recipes.

It’s not just about the culinary efficiency of the room. The kitchen can also be a social space because cooking and baking can be social activities. It can also be a sanctuary for us, especially since we’ve been cooking and baking to cope with the stress of uncertain times. We’ll take you through kitchen redecoration with consideration for the psychological impacts of certain choices as well as their practicality based on your lifestyle.


You can’t address any redecoration without delving into the topic of color. Color helps to set the mood of the space because it impacts our mood. Color psychology, a liberally used tactic in marketing, believes that we are conditioned to have psychological reactions to certain colors. We can follow this logic at home too. Generally, the colors that perform best in kitchens are blues and lighter and warmer colors such as yellow.

But before you pick up your paintbrush or put up wallpaper in your kitchen, make sure you take measures to prevent or kill any mold. You can use store-bought mold killers or homemade remedies such as sodium borate or bleach and water. Make sure to wear a face mask while you’re cleaning the mold off the walls.


There are better or worse ways to arrange the appliances in your kitchen, depending on your space and workflow. The most popular kitchen layouts are as follows:

  • The kitchen triangle. This layout highlights the kitchen’s three main parts – the stove, the fridge, the sink – and arranges them to form a triangle.
  • One-wall. This is the best layout if you’re working with a smaller space. It positions all the major kitchen parts along one wall, allowing for a smooth and seamless workflow. The sink should be between the refrigerator and the stove.
  • L-shaped. As the name indicates, this kitchen layout uses one corner from which two sides extend – one shorter and one longer. This layout works well if there’s normally more than one person working in the kitchen. Its shape allows for more traffic in the area.
  • U-shaped. This layout encloses the kitchen with three walls – two longer ones opposite each other and one shorter side connecting them – that form the letter U. This is helpful for households that have only one person cooking. The enclosed shape brings all the appliances and storage closer together to make for an easy one-person workflow.


Natural lighting is an asset that you need to make the most of during the day. You can play it up by adding a serving window if your layout allows for it. Keeping windows open while cooking is also a good way to minimize mold growth in the kitchen.

You can also add a mirror. This helps brighten up the room by reflecting light. In the ancient Chinese tradition of feng shui, mirrors can also be used to “double your wealth.” But if you decide to have mirrors in your kitchen, make sure to keep them far enough from big heat sources to keep them from breaking.

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For your lighting fixtures, there’s room for both style and functionality. For the former, drop lighting makes a good decorative feature in any kitchen. They can help bring together the whole look of the room. For functionality, it’s good to have some recessed lights too. These recesses into the ceilings require little to no dusting, making for a sleek-looking and low maintenance feature.


Make sure to leave space for a plant or two. Plants are good for your mental and physical health. In the kitchen, you can keep pots of fresh herbs such as rosemary and basil that you can use in your cooking. If you want to add plants purely for decor but don’t have any space for them, try hanging them for a country look.

There’s also always room for art in the kitchen. This can help add more personality to the room or make it feel more like home. Many people opt for still life paintings of fruits, but anything goes.

The state of your kitchen is directly connected to both your mental and physical well-being. When decorating it, make sure not to neglect functionality for your workflow. A beautiful kitchen is nice, but it won’t do much if it doesn’t serve your lifestyle and preferences.