On the direct direction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, all developmental authorities across the country have initiated a full-scale crackdown on unlawful and unauthorized residential projects. Before participating in any property plan, property investors should do a complete background investigation. A list of approved residential projects has been published by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and other comparable entities responsible for the development programs in their respective locations. This content is tailored to the needs of capital city real estate investors.

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What is CDA?


Capital Development Authority is a frequent acronym for CDA. Islamabad’s development authority is in charge of enforcing rules and regulations. Islamabad residents are being warned about illegal residential projects in the city by the CDA Authorized Residential Societies list that the government has decided to publish this year. Pakistan’s Federal Capital Development Authority (CDA) serves as the city’s municipal government and is accountable for the city’s overall development. Islamabad’s property residential areas are an important part of the city’s growth. Islamabad’s CDA-approved residential projects are lawful. However, the capital city is also home to several unlawful housing complexes.


NOC Authorised Residential Societies


There are various notable natural characteristics in Islamabad, making it one of the world’s most attractive and stunning capital cities. In Islamabad’s construction sector, many housing societies are being built accelerated. On the other hand, investors in Islamabad should look into CDA-approved residential properties before making a purchase. Investors can buy properties in the approved residential plans in Islamabad without having uncertainty or concern about the safety and security of their investments. Consequently, it is essential that investors properly review this list to ensure they are completely satisfied.


  • AGOCHS, Phase I
  • AGOCHS, Phase II
  • AL-HAMRA Avenue
  • AL-HAMRA Hills Agro Farming Scheme
  • MAKKAH City
  • Anza Zephyr Dale Agro Farms
  • Army Welfare Trust
  • Phase I Bahria Enclave, Housing Scheme
  • Bahria Enclave-2Agro Farming Scheme
  • Phase II Bahria Enclave-2, Housing Scheme
  • Moreover, Bahria Garden City
  • Phase VIII Bahria Town
  • Bahria Town Phase-III-E-& IV
  • Bahria Town Phase VII-E
  • Phase VII Bahria Town
  • Bahria Town Phase II, III, V&VI
  • Cabinet Division Employees Co-operative Housing Society
  • Capital Enclave
  • CBR Town
  • Engineers Co-operative
  • Furthermore, Engineers Housing Scheme
  • Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF)
  • Federation of Employees
  • FIA Park Enclave Housing Scheme
  • Grace Valley
  • Gulberg Greens Farm Housing Scheme
  • Gulberg Town
  • Gulshan-e-Rabia
  • Gulshan-e-Sehat
  • Additionally, Islamabad Gardens
  • Islamabad Model Town
  • Jeddah Town
  • Phase-I Jinnah Garden
  • Jinnah Garden, Phase-II
  • Jinnah Town
  • Kashmir Gardens Farming Scheme
  • Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase (Extension)
  • Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase-I
  • Phase-II Khayaban-e-Kashmir
  • Margalla View Housing Scheme
  • Furthermore, The Ministry of Interior Employees Co-operative Housing Society
  • Morgah City
  • Multi Gardens, Phase-I
  • Multi Gardens, Phase-II
  • National Assembly Employees Cooperative Housing Society (NAECHS)
  • National Police Foundation
  • Naval Anchorage
  • New Islamabad Garden
  • OPF Housing Scheme
  • Moreover, The Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing Scheme
  • Pakistan Navy Farms, Simly Dam Road, Islamabad
  • Paradise City
  • Park View City Housing Scheme
  • Parliamentarians Enclave
  • Rahman Enclave Housing Scheme
  • River Garden
  • Roshan Pakistan (RP) Corporation Housing Scheme
  • Senate Avenue
  • Services Co-operative Housing Society
  • Soan Gardens
  • Tele Gardens Housing Scheme
  • WWF Labor Colony
  • Zaraj Housing




These were a few of Islamabad’s most well-known and well-known CDA-approved housing developments. Your money is safe if you buy in any of the above-mentioned legal housing organizations. It’s important, though, that any residential project that you’re considering purchasing a home in is legitimate to avoid any potential problems.

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