The first exposure that many people have to epoxy flooring is in a residential garage, where the stain-resistant finish makes a great initial impression whether the space is being used as a workshop or as an informal summer entertainment room.

Installing epoxy flooring is highly practical because of how easy it is to clean spills and small messes while the amazingly smooth surface blocks stains that would otherwise mar concrete. 

Don’t Stop at the Garage

The garage is the most common surface treated, but epoxy flooring may also be the optimal choice for the basement, mudroom or dog kennel, all of which can be dirt magnets. The surface has become increasingly popular in bathrooms and kitchens. Heavily trafficked businesses and those in the service sector, such as auto repair shops, also benefit from no-fuss clean-ups.

Epoxy products can do a better job of resisting fading from UV exposure in areas where the sun shines, which eliminates the need for waxing. That explains in part why they have come into favor in kitchens and retail space.

Epoxy Beats the Alternatives

A bare concrete garage floor won’t remain pristine for very long. Oil and other fluids drip from cars, and the road salt used to combat snow and ice in much of the country also leaves messes not easily cleaned in the winter. Paint may get the job done at first, but it won’t bond to the surface like epoxy does and will soon flake and peel.

Tiles are popular indoor options, but the seams invite water and grime. It’s predictable that grout will stain and tiles will chip or crack. The replacements seldom match well-worn originals.

In the basement, seamless epoxy flooring is an ideal moisture barrier. It will also stand up to the vibrations from the washing machine that scar concrete.

Quick Installation Makes for an Easy Decision

There may be a temptation to do the job yourself, but putting down epoxy flooring requires thorough prep work. Additionally, compositions have a short cure time and you might be pushing your luck handling a large garage or living space.

Professionals can show you a vast variety of colors and designs. Most jobs involving popular epoxy treatments and top coats can be completed with limited disruptions around the home or for businesses.

Whether moving into newly constructed space or starting fresh in the old place, epoxy gives the floor a special look. It’s so easy that it belongs near the top of your list of upgrades.