When it comes to comparing these two screening methods, you should have in mind that the difference is significant and that employers in the last few years started implementing hair follicle drug test instead of urinalysis to check repeated and chronic drug users.

The main reason for conducting this particular type of screening is due to the pre-employment process in which the main idea is to eliminate applicants and potential employee that are regularly abusing illegal substances that may affect their productivity levels.

People are regularly finding ways to tamper with urinalysis since there are numerous ways to do it from fake pee to diluting urine to mask the content.

Drug abusing individuals pose a risk for organizations when it comes to health, productivity, costs, and safety, which is the main reason for conducting them in the first place.

Of course, you can use hair detox shampoo to remove unwanted toxins and particles, but we will talk more about it in the further text.

Generally speaking, urinalysis is not that efficient because it cannot determine patterns of abuse, and hair follicle screening method features long window of detection that will allow you to see what applicant consumed in the last three months so that you can make the perfect decision.

Detection Period

When it comes to hair testing, we have mentioned above that, it features the most extensive detection period, which is an essential consideration before choosing the appropriate method for your organization testing policy.

On the other hand, urinalysis can detect up to a week of consumption for most drugs, while things change for cannabis users because THC tends to remain in urine for weeks and even months for chronic consumers.

You can consider numerous testing methods such as oral fluid, blood, urine, and hair, and view innumerable reasons why you should conduct it in the first place. Therefore, you should choose based on the situation.

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  • Pre-Employment – This particular screening method is here to help you ensure that you are going to find the best candidate possible for your specific industry niche. According to most employers, the hair drug test is the best possible method for hiring process applicants, because it can detect whether you will choose someone with a history of drug abuse or not.¬†
  • Random – These tests can happen at work, but also law enforcement can conduct them with an idea to ensure that your staff or the specific someone behaves appropriately based on current company’s policies. Some tests include the importance of ensuring that someone who is currently at the worksite is impaired or under the influence. The main problem with momentary detection is that hair analysis is not efficient for short-term abusers, so you should consider other types such as blood or oral fluid screening.
  • Post Accident – These tests are time-sensitive, which means that you should find the one that will determine current drug intoxication and things that person consumed in the last 24 hours so that you can reduce personal injury liabilities and other issues that may come with it. However, for these particular reasons, you should use blood, oral, or urine tests because it may identify the current abuse as well. At the same time, if you wish to improve the results and get the bigger picture, you should combine these screenings with hair analysis so that you can determine whether your employee has a history of abuse, which may affect the future issues as well.

Advantages of Hair Analysis over Urine Drug Screening

If you wish to conduct random or hiring testing, the main idea is to identify individuals that have to misuse illegal or prescription drugs so that you can do something about it.

Employees, as well as applicants, have to get a notification that they have to conduct urine or hair drug test, but for urinalysis, the problem is that they can abstain and that will help them clear everything promptly.

Therefore, you should consider the advantages of choosing a hair drug test instead of urinalysis for your employees:

  • You Will Handle Cheating and Adulteration – When compared with urine, it is impossible to tamper with hair samples because the administrator will handle everything in person so that you can rest assured and wait for the results. You have to check online for the best ways to pass urinalysis, and you will notice hundreds of methods and tactics that employees are using to adulterate with the results and cause havoc in the long run. For instance, most drugs will leave urine in a matter of days, so you will not be able to catch anyone, and according to law, you have to give them notification before the test, so it is crucial to choose the one that has least chances for passing.
  • High Positive Rates – Since hair analysis uses the latest technological apparatus and machines, it will help you find everything you want from the collected specimen. Therefore, you will have an exact picture of how many people from your working place are using prescription and illegal drugs so that you can make your area safer and with higher productivity than before.
  • You Will Increase ROI – Even though urinalysis is convenient due to its affordable price tag, you should have in mind that when compared with hair test, you will get inaccurate results and ability to pass someone who has drug issues that may cause severe problems and accidents that will affect other workers as well. Check this link: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/returnoninvestment.asp to learn what is ROI.
  • Simple To Conduct – Hair testing requires doing everything in a medical facility or lab by a certified technician. It is completely non-invasive, and the entire process requires a few seconds of a relaxed state. Finally, you will eliminate issues of storing urine and transporting it, because hair samples are much easier to collect and pack. It is great solution as the follow-up screening method that comes in combination with urinalysis so that you can get both long and short-term information on drug usage.