5 Health Problems Caused by Pipe Leaks and Clogs - Harcourt Health

Most Australian households have three main plumbing systems – gas, sewage, and water. A gas plumbing system is a series of pipe connections to power up to home and heating appliances. A sewage plumbing system is a series of connections that drives wastewater away from the household. While a water plumbing system is a series of pipe connections that supply clean and potable water for household consumption. Whenever the pipes in these three plumbing systems break, crack, or leak, they may result in dangers and health hazards in the household. That is why a trusted burst pipe plumber commonly recommends proper maintenance and regular inspection of our plumbing systems.

Pipe leaks may mean that gas, wastewater, or water escape from the pipes because of a break, crack, hole, or other faults. Gas pipe leaks can greatly result in an explosion or fire. Sewer pipe leaks can result in a wastewater backup. While water pipe leaks can result in flooding. As you can see, any pipe leak in our plumbing system can cause damage to our household. There are also several health issues caused by pipe leaks.


Gas pipes carry natural gas to power up our home and heating appliances. These include dryers, fireplaces, ovens, stoves, and heaters. Whenever there are gas pipe leaks, natural gas penetrates the inside of our homes. Exposure to natural gas can result in the following health issues.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Natural gas contains an abundance of carbon monoxide. This type of gas depletes the oxygen supply. Many families have been reported to die because of carbon monoxide poisoning while they are sleeping. This is because of unattended gas pipe leaks within the household.


Inhaling leaked gas inside your house can result in a lack of oxygen circulating in your body. This can result in hypoxia or a low supply of oxygen in the blood. Hypoxia may manifest in loss of consciousness and shortness of breath. What’s dangerous about it is it can lead to brain damage or liver damage.

Skin Issues

Prolonged exposure to gas pipe leaks can affect our skin health and result in health issues that affect the skin. These include blisters, frostbites, numbness, and paling of the skin.

These health issues caused by gas pipe leaks are very serious. They can be fatal to all members of the households. That is why it is important to immediately call a trusted burst pipe plumber to fix the leak and keep your family safe.


Our sewer pipes carry wastewater away from our homes to the main public sewer. Once these pipes leaked, wastewater would go back to our drains. Raw sewage contains a lot of chemicals and gases harmful to humans. These include carbon dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, methane, nitrous oxide, and sulphur oxide. There are some health issues caused by sewer pipe leaks. These include:


Sewer pipe leaks can cause wastewater to enter the water supply in the household. As such, it contaminates the water resulting in loose bowel movements or diarrhoea.


Encephalitis is characterised by an inflammation of the brain. When wastewater became stagnant inside our house, chances are it can be a haven for mosquitos which are disease carriers. When the mosquito feeds on nitrous oxide, they become carriers of the encephalitis virus.


Similar to diarrhoea, gastroenteritis can be caused by wastewater contaminating our water supply. This type of stomach flu can induce constant vomiting and loose bowel movement.


Gas build-ups in the body can damage the liver and cause hepatitis. The inflammation of the liver may result from exposure to harmful gases caused by sewer pipe leaks.

Don’t wait for small sewer pipe leaks to become a burst pipe or sewer backup. Immediately call a trusted burst pipe plumber to fix the leak and keep your family safe.


Water pipes supply clean and potable water in the household. There are several health issues caused by water pipe leaks. Water contamination may result in diarrhoea and gastroenteritis. But the most dangerous health issues may arise from the formation of moulds due to the water leak.

These are:

  • Allergies or body reactions are caused by the spores coming from the mould.
  • Asthma or narrowing of the airways as the mould spores blocked them.

Again, don’t wait for water pipe leaks to result in bigger problems. Immediately call a trusted burst pipe plumber to fix the leak and keep your family safe.