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Your residence or condominium might already be loaded with crops and succulents, but how numerous of them have a pineapple escalating out of the center? Dwelling Depot is marketing a pineapple plant from Pure Beauty Farms, a Miami-primarily based firm, and it’ll make you truly feel like you are on a tropical getaway.

The exceptional plant is part of the bromeliad relatives, which is indigenous to tropical areas. However, they can do properly indoors. The pineapple plant has sword-like spiny green leaves that create dense rosettes. An genuine pineapple sprouts on the significant center stem — and no, it is not for feeding on. The decorative pineapple, or dwarf pineapple, is not meant to be a snack. Look at it a distinct form of flower.

You will want to locate a sunny place to keep your pineapple plant flourishing. It wants about 6 several hours of daylight each day. According to the description, numerous individuals keep the pineapple plant within for the duration of the wintertime months and shift them outside at the time it will get hotter out. It only wants to be watered at the time a 7 days (twice if the soil does not maintain h2o properly), it is a pretty small-maintenance addition for plant parents.

The pineapple plant is out there at Dwelling Depot for $29.ninety eight. It comes in a 5-inch designer pot, so you have what you need to have. Fortunately, the plant is ready to be shipped straight to your door, so you’ll have the very small fruit plant in your arms in no time.

With the warm temperature creeping in, now is the excellent time to incorporate some much more greenery to your collection. And you simply cannot get significantly much more tropical than a literal pineapple surrounded by leaves, suitable?