4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting A Kitchen Remodel

Everyone has their own idea of how their dream kitchen should look like. While it may seem all fun sourcing ideas, scrolling through samples, and gathering information, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Renovating your kitchen requires proper planning as there are plenty of variables to consider.

So, before you grab that sledgehammer and start breaking down the cabinets or buying new appliances, it’s essential to take a good look at the project, ask yourself a few questions, assess your needs and determine the outcome. To help you kick-starts the process, here are a few considerations to make before you start a kitchen renovation.

How do you intend to run the project?

Many people today believe in DIY projects than hiring professionals. However, renovating your kitchen is a vast project which can easily go wrong if done by the wrong people. If you intend to do-it-yourself, it’s imperative that you also involve other people like your family and friends to provide more useful insights and improve your perspective. If you decide to go all professional, make sure you also provide your input. Kitchen professionals spend countless hours getting to understand your style and bring your vision to reality. They are skilled, experienced, and reliable. 

What’s your budget?

The best way to ensure you don’t spend more than the intended amount is to have a budget. Kitchen remodeling is one of the most expensive projects in any home, and you might need to set a substantial amount of savings aside to get the job done correctly and on time. Figure out what materials you need, the cost of labor, and any miscellaneous costs that could crop up. Experts recommend setting aside about 10% of your overall home’s value.

How much time are you allocating for this project?

Be realistic and allow enough time for your renovation. The entire construction and design process could take longer than you think, so always give leeway for incubation for the two phases. Many people tend to rush the process by hiring separate teams to work on different areas of the project. While this may speed up things, you might end up not getting what you wanted as teams work differently.

How is the existing layout?

Experts recommend sticking to the kitchen’s present layout to save money, keep the project simple and void mishaps later on. However, that doesn’t mean that your cabinets need to be at the exact location they were before. However, you will save more if you left major systems like gas, electricity, and plumbing where they are. That means the sink stays in place, but you can work on adding or removing cabinets where you find necessary, to get your dream kitchen. 

What about appliances?

You need to seriously think about kitchen appliances when determining your overall design. Be careful with sizes and quality, as larger appliances may require additional construction. Dishwasher placement may need additional plumbing and wiring, and the cabinet height needs to pair with the appliance. If you are buying more than two appliances, consider buying from one store to get discounts and other benefits.

What is your ideal lifestyle?

Do you entertain guests often? Do you have children? Do you prefer natural light? Do you need a temporary kitchen? Is space a huge problem for you? All these questions are essential in determining the kind of layout you choose, the budget, and the amount of time you need to complete your renovation. Your lifestyle also dictates the amount of renovation your kitchen needs. It also determines which aspects of your project needs to be completed immediately, like wiring, cabinet installation, and countertops.