Have you ever looked at the mobile homes in your area, though they were pretty nice, and wondered how they were put together in the first place? Because of how efficiently they are put together, and the fact that they are built in a controlled environment, they can be built and sold at a relatively quick pace and at a fairly low cost. There are a few steps that have to be done to get it put together and ready to sell, below is how the construction workers do it.

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1.) Get what they need

The first thing that they need to do is get the materials that are required to build the house. They will order all of the necessary materials, usually in bulk, so that they can build multiple mobile homes at once.

2.) Put up the steel frame

After the materials are ordered and spread out correctly, the next phase will be to start constructing the steel frames which will be used to support the floor joists and everything else that goes into making the house. The steel frame is what will hold your house together and be its foundation. The floor joists are installed onto the frames so that when the floor is down it can be screwed in securely, and the frame is then given joists that will hold everything else in place as well.

3.) Lay down plywood

Once the steel frames are constructed and raised securely into place and have the joists installed onto them, the construction workers can then lay down sheets of plywood for the floors and screw them down. Once screwed in they are often glued down as well so that the floors won’t move and squeak when you walk on them.

4.) The walls start going up

The floors are laid, so the next step to build a mobile home is to put up the walls. Usually, these are put up in a separate area and then attached to the home once the floors are down. Once the walls are put in properly, the construction team can start putting in the electrical wires, the plumbing system, and the ductwork.

5.) Put on the roof!

Once all of these elements are put on and attached, the mobile home is then ready for the roof to be attached. The framework for the roof is installed first, then goes the plywood, the tar paper, and finally the shingles go on last to finish it off.

6.) Adding in the finishing touches

Once all of the frameworks are installed and put in, then the construction professionals like those at Michigan mobile home construction can start adding the finishing touches which turn it into a home. The sheetrock goes up, and then things like the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, light fixtures, windows, and outside siding can be installed.

There are usually 20 work stations or even more that each construction worker is put on to work. This makes the mobile home assembly highly organized and efficient. As it passes through each station, each worker knows exactly what they need to do, and have been trained to do the job quickly and with ease so they can do several at a time.

At this point in the mobile home building process, the construction workers can collaborate with either the new homeowners or the company that is buying and selling the homes and put in customized finishes such as the flooring types, appliances, and other finishes to make sure that all the expectations are met and the home is warm and comfortable to whoever is moving in!