10 Best Mops of 2021 for All Cleaning Surfaces & Floor Types


Vacuum cleaners are usually the tool of choice for removing dust bunnies, hair and large debris from hard floors. But when it comes to nabbing super-fine dust and cleaning away stuck-on messes and grime, you need a good mop.

Today’s top-rated mops have come a long way from the cotton string or butterfly sponge versions of years ago. Though those still exist on the market, the newer, more popular styles use disposable or washable microfiber pads, dispense cleaning solution directly from an on-board canister or even — as in the case of robot mops — do the mopping for you. The Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab recommends having both a wet and dry mop in your cleaning tool arsenal. They serve different purposes and you’ll likely have a need for both.

How well do mops remove bacteria and germs?

Steam mops can sanitize floors because they reach temperatures high

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