30 Dreamy White Bedroom Ideas

Jacqueline Marque

Peaceful, serene, cathartic—the adjectives to explain a white bedroom are abundant. Designers aiming to build restorative and rejuvenating bedrooms are no stranger to forgoing coloration in favor of a white palette. When used appropriate, white and its numerous constituents—see: ivory, product, ecru—are each individual little bit as expressive as their much more colorful counterparts. Even though some are fond of likely white-on-white, many others are enthusiasts of pairing white with superior-distinction hues like black or blue. Nevertheless, many others choose partnering it with whispers of coloration to cue up a dreamy retreat that goes as straightforward on the eyes as it does on the soul.

Component of the elegance of white is its distinct tones which can evoke a multitude of moods. Shades of product and almond (any white with a yellow undertone, truly) are prime for imbuing bedrooms with a cozy, sun-dappled experience. On the other conclude

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