Black Markino Granite | Flodeal Inc.

Dimensions offered in Black Markino Granite

This Granite are readily available with us in next dimensions :

  • Polished Counter Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 65 cm up x Length 180 cm to 300 cm
  • Polished Gangsaw Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 170 cm up x Length 280 cm to 320 cm

What are the measurements accessible in tiles?

Tiles of Black Markino Granite are accessible with us in the subsequent measurements :

  • PCTBLM24x12 Polished Calibrated 610x305x10 mm (24×12 Granite Tiles)
  • PCTBLM24x24 Polished Calibrated 610x610x12 mm (24×24 Granite Tiles)
  • PCTBLM12x12 Polished Calibrated 305x305x10 mm (12×12 Granite Tiles)
  • PTBLM60x30 Polished Tiles 60x30x2 cm – Completely ready Inventory
  • PTBLM60x40 Polished Tiles 60x40x2 cm – On Get
  • PTBLM40x40 Polished Tiles 40x40x2 cm – On Get
  • PTBLM60x60 Polished Tiles 60x60x2 cm – On Order

What other sizes readily available?

We also make tiles of 18″x18″ and 400mm x 400mm calibrated tiles in this

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