Economic Construction of Slabs using Bubble Deck Technology

Last Updated on May 2, 2022 by Admin

In today’s building sector, the economy is extremely crucial. Reinforced concrete slabs are a common building component in today’s construction. Concrete is widely used in the building sector, and it plays a vital role in the industry. Because more concrete is required in the construction of a floor system, the structure’s economy suffers.

The greatest answer to this problem is the bubble deck slab system. Plastic waste material is used to make polypropylene balls. This polypropylene ball is used in the middle of the slab to assist reduce the amount of concrete utilized. A portion of the concrete is replaced with polypropylene balls. Because bubble deck slabs are small in weight, they help to reduce slab dead load and increase efficiency.

The bubble deck slab is a slab in which a portion of the concrete is replaced by plastic hollow bubbles created

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