What Happens When A Buyer Doesn’t Close?

Really?  Is that where we are in this market?

We’re starting to have conversations like this?

Well, not necessarily.  I don’t think this conversation is indicative of the overall market, but rather it would be completely irresponsible for me to not discuss it, given we are seeing a handful of deals not closing as scheduled.

How many?

Well, as JF007 wrote on Monday:

…so a thousand listings reviewed to get 6 such scenarios so a .6% rate meh

So while this could be “much ado about nothing,” it could also be viewed as “much ado about something,” since we can no longer claim that all deals close in this market.

Back in 2017 when the market changed, I consistently received phone calls from media members asking, “Do you have any clients that have bought firm and are now ‘stuck’ because they can’t sell their existing home?”

You’ve heard

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