Chattels, Fixtures, & Real Estate Closings!

I had a tough week for closings.

Really tough…

First, I visited a property the day before closing with clients, only to find the house was still full of junk.

A rusted barbecue, broken planters, massive garden sculptures, a musty deep freezer, multiple bookshelves, broken closet organizers, and an oven full of rusted pots and pans – just to name a few items that were left behind, to our surprise.

The listing agent said that all of this was scheduled to be removed that very day, but my clients didn’t believe her.

Everything was removed in the end, but the incident wasn’t without anxiety.

Oh – and on the day of closing, they happened to be walking their dog by the house, and guess what?  The front stairs had collapsed.

They got an abatement, not to worry.  And the house is a “project” for sure.  But was this an

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