10 Eye-Catching Accent Color Ideas

Thomas Loof

When designing an interior all over one key hue, there is certainly space to incorporate accent colors—the jewellery in your style scheme—for even additional visible appeal. “There is a common decor rule, which states that sixty p.c of the space need to be a dominant colour, 30 p.c need to be a secondary colour or texture, and ten p.c need to be an accent,” suggests Mary Maydan, founder and principal of Maydan Architects. For occasion, you might paint the partitions and doorways of a kid’s space lavender and reserve white for the ceiling.

And when choosing your accent colours, really don’t go much too darkish or much too daring, Maydan warns. “Accent colours need to take into account the furniture in the space and all the other style alternatives,” she explains. “The notion of an accent is to generate distinction.” Whether or not you are partial to comforting

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