7 Most Common Types of Compaction Rollers Used In Construction

Road construction and building construction require stable, compact surfaces to
work upon. Job sites often use earthmoving equipment such as excavators or dozers to
move dirt, gravel and other materials from one area to another and change the terrain.
The new surface is often loose and unstable, and it must be compacted before structures are erected
above it.
Construction rollers (also called “compaction rollers”)
are used to expedite the compaction process and provide a stable surface to work upon.

Loose surfaces naturally compact over many years as water and gravity help the material settle.
Buildings and roads built upon unstable surfaces are susceptible to tilting and cracking over time because their underlying
surface moves as it settles. One of the most famous examples of a building sinking is the
Leaning Tower Of Pisa
which began to sink after construction started in the late 12th century.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa’s

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