Easy Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Performing laundry is in no way fun—and if you have a major loved ones, it can be even extra of a stress. So if you can find any way to make the course of action just a small bit less complicated, we want to know about it. That’s why we ended up blown away when we observed the genius methods blogger Rhonda Batchelor used to transform a 7-by-6 ½-foot laundry area into a truly multi-objective house. Armed with a $400 budget and a extensive listing of tips, Rhonda managed to make the most of every square inch of the area in the most astonishing techniques.

Really don’t believe us? Acquire a virtual tour of her laundry area previously mentioned.

Acquire a further glimpse close to Rhonda’s laundry area at Houzz, and go to Rhonda’s weblog, Batchelors Way, for even extra brilliant decorating methods.

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