Does Witch Hazel Disinfect? Experts Explain Why It Can’t Kill Germs

  • Witch hazel is frequently sourced for skincare methods and topical treatment options for ache.
  • When it might be utilised in sanitizing items or hand sanitizers, witch hazel is not meant to be utilised as a disinfectant.
  • Experts say that astringents like witch hazel usually are not the identical as other house cleaners you can use ideal now.

    Witch hazel can feel like a domestic resolution for everything — immediately after all, you will find a fantastic probability that this plant-derived liquid has generally been in your medicine cabinet. It is really frequently distilled into an ointment or a concentrated extract that can be utilised in quite a few unique techniques. It is really frequently a key component in skincare items that are developed to relieve itchy pores and skin and can be utilised topically for issues like mosquito bites, and it might even be found in items developed to ease

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