Survey: Many workers want to keep masking policies, even for vaccinated employees

Dive Temporary:

  • Approximately six in 10 grown ups (57%) reported they think staff members must even now be demanded to don a mask when doing work on website, even after acquiring the COVID-19 vaccination, according to the June 24 effects of an American Staffing Association survey. In addition, although sixty% of respondents reported it was “no one’s business but [their] have” whether they gained a vaccine, sixty six% reported they had “a right to know” if their co-staff had been vaccinated.   
  • The survey uncovered variations in impression alongside both equally generational and racial/ethnic lines. At 70% and 64%, respectively, Black and Hispanic staff ended up a lot more possible to agree with on-website masking even after vaccination, when compared with fifty% of White staff. Child boomers and members of the silent era ended up a lot more possible to say staff had a right to know their co-workers’ vaccination
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