8 Ways to Improve the Reselection Experience

We are now into the third year in which home builders and buyers face supply chain disruptions.

It’s challenging enough when lumber, wiring, or steel is delayed or unavailable, but those instances are different from supply chain challenges involving the finishes and features homebuyers select. In those cases, buyers must go back into the design studio to reselect from a different palette of finishes, which has its own ripple effect through purchasing, procurement, installation, and completion of the home.

More importantly, replacement of buyer-selected design products poses additional threats to customer satisfaction and thus your reputation and profitability. Design studio and sales teams often deal with homebuyer disappointment and sometimes outright frustration and anger.

The Link Between Reselections and Customer Satisfaction

Having an optimal reselection process in place can mitigate those feelings (and likely bad online reviews and ratings as well), and perhaps even turn frustrated customers into fans of

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