How to Get Rid of White Fluffy Bugs Appearing in the Southeast

John CancalosiGetty Photos

If you have discovered white fuzz on the trees and leaves in your lawn these days, it’s not snow or cotton — this white coating is actually insects. These white fluffy bugs are referred to as Asian woolly hackberry aphids and usually look in the Higher South location of the United States and in considerably of Asia. Though they really don’t trigger hurt to human beings, they are a nuisance to owners thanks to the sticky sap they make.

Just like stink bugs, these pests normally look in slide, with sightings claimed in the Southeast, southern Midwest, Texas and California, in accordance to HGTV. Whilst the bugs don’t chunk or sting, they however trigger a nuisance by manufacturing a sweet, sticky honeydew as they feed on the sap of sugarberry and hackberry trees. The apparent goop then falls on sidewalks, autos and anything at all

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