The Best Homes in Classic Literature, from “The Great Gatsby” to “Matilda”

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A plethora of vintage novels boast gorgeous properties as section of the setting—mansions, cottages, and countryside estates alike—and we would happily reside (or quarantine) in any of them, although, some abodes are better than other folks (see: Gatsby’s château-fashion mansion that’s so grand the word ‘house’ feels like an insult). Down below, Dwelling Gorgeous has assembled a checklist of properties that we want could soar ideal off of the web pages and exist in true lifetime, but the vivid imagery that depicts them will have to do.

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The March Household Property

Very little Women of all ages, which is based on author Louisa May perhaps Alcott’s personal lifetime, is proof that anything as basic (or as intricate) as being property with household can turn out to be a timeless tale and a bestselling novel. The March household property was impressed by

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