34 Pink Bedroom Ideas – Pink Bedroom Ideas for Adults and Girls

Julia Lynn

It’s no secret that pink can be polarizing. Historically reserved for nurseries, pink has traditionally been pigeonholed as girlish and sweet. These days, however, designers are illustrating that it’s possible to re-think pink and cast it in sophisticated—even rebellious—new ways. Today’s top designers are especially fond of employing pink in bedrooms. Whether it be a coastal-inspired retreat awash in a soft shade of desert pink, or an avant-garde hideaway decked out in an electric shade of raspberry, designers are unapologetically adding pink to the bedroom conversation.

Changing how pink bedrooms are perceived is all about balance. To temper overly cloying connotations, designers are fond of turning to dark, complementary colors. Shades of blue and green—more weighty colors that reside on the opposite end of the color spectrum—are often employed for the task, as are gray and black hues. Another alternative is to opt for a more vivid shade

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