Building resilience: Why now is the time to invest in natural hazard risk management

With excessive weather situations increasing in frequency all-around the globe, there are quite a few strategies that companies can do extra to shield their assets and mitigate some of the challenges posed by normal hazards. By Chris LeBoeuf and Steven Fitzgibbon&#13

From raging wildfires in Australia at the get started of 2020 to the devastating flash flooding throughout substantially of Europe in July 2021, modern several years have been scattered with all-natural hazard events that have ruined assets and infrastructure, devastated corporations and taken lives.

In the US, Hurricane Ida brought again distressing memories to the persons of New Orleans, a town which is continue to rebuilding following Hurricane Katrina brought on 1800 deaths and $125 billion of hurt back in 2005.

However, pure disaster situations such as hurricanes, cyclones, storms, floods and wildfires are happening additional often and with larger severity. This can be considered in phrases of economic

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