Information to our investors

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Taking into account the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine, we would like to give you a status update, regarding your Reinvest24 investments. 

Reinvest24 is operating in 5 different markets, such as Baltic countries, Germany, Moldova and Spain. The platform does not have any projects or business functions in Russia or Ukraine, hence none of our functions is impacted by this crisis. 

As for each Moldova, on the 24th of February, Moldova’s parliament has accepted a state of crisis for 60 days. The condition in the region is stable and the aforementioned unexpected emergency state will not effects any of our jobs, thus all our functions carry on as common.

Together with our Moldovan department, we have been following the progress of the Russia-Ukraine condition very carefully. As of these days, there are no threats that could hurt any of our workers, or our actual estate developments

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