First Annual “Apto CRE Broker Tech Benchmarking Survey” Scores Brokers on their Level of Tech Maturity

Successful commercial real estate (CRE) brokers have been closing deals and maintaining their networks for years, even with limited use of technology. But as more and more sophisticated software and information services have become available to the industry — and as tech adoption has increased — it’s become clear to brokers that they need to adopt technology to win business, get deals done efficiently, and maintain their leading edge.

New research from Apto — the first annual “Apto CRE Broker Tech Benchmarking Survey” — measures the extent to which commercial real estate brokers are using technology to optimize best practices at every stage of the deal process. Notably, the survey doesn’t just measure tech adoption, but whether brokers are using technology for its full benefit relative to these key operational aspects of their businesses:

  • Researching data on people and properties;
  • Managing contacts;
  • Prospecting for buyers and sellers or tenants and
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