Scam Warning: ‘Pay a Fine or Lose Your Real Estate License’

A scam noted out of Pa. precisely targets authentic estate licensees. The caller suggests the agent missed jury responsibility and, unless of course they pay back a wonderful, may get rid of their license.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A license scam is not new, but its look in the authentic estate industry may be. In common, the frauds explain to callers to “pay a fee or you’ll get rid of your license.”

In an article from the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors, a county sheriff has noted on a new scam that instantly targets the authentic estate industry. According to an article in “Just Mentioned,” the association’s e-mail e-newsletter, “The scammers assert to be contacting from a certain choose or sheriff’s office and say that the individual has failed to display up for jury responsibility, and now they should pay back a wonderful or hazard the decline of their authentic estate license.”

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