How to Clean a Microwave

All it takes is 1 spherical of leftovers or burnt bag of popcorn to turn a sparkling clean microwave into a grimy, smelly mess. The critical to holding a clean countertop microwave is standard upkeep — each individual number of days, at the quite least. When you see stains on your microwave’s interior or want to get rid of trapped-on foodstuff, turn to this foolproof guidebook on how to clean a microwave by Carolyn Forte, Director of the Great Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab.

Unlike other kitchen appliances, you can clean a microwave with each day cleaning products you by now have in your residence, together with all-goal cleaner, baking soda, dish soap or vinegar (white or apple cider). Which is right, remain away from bleach mainly because Basic Electric warns it truly weakens the plastic interior and damages the appliance in the lengthy-operate. Unless you allow tomato sauce splatters sit

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