Southeast Multifamily: Institutionalization, Rent Growth, and Room to Run?

Joyful new yr! As we kick off 2022, I preferred to dig into 1 of the best true estate segments, multifamily in high-expansion marketplaces in the Southeast.  

At the very least as soon as a week I listen to about a new fund concentrating on value-insert multifamily offers across the Southeast, an operator opening a Miami workplace, or an Prospect Zone fund concentrating on sites in the Sunbelt.

This isn’t just anecdotal, the Sunbelt has been attaining share of the full apartment revenue continually due to the fact 2007, increasing from ~35% of full income quantity to almost ~60% now (3Q2021 – RealPage). That progress has come primarily at the price of the coastal gateway markets and has accelerated publish-COVID.

Institutional owners have historically focused on gateway marketplaces. In excess of time, as yields in gateway marketplaces compressed, institutional homeowners shifted into higher-expansion marketplaces like Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte, Nashville, Tampa,

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