The Friday Not-So-Funny: Real Estate As An NFT

What’s that?  You want to reminisce?

Sure!  I’m superior at that…

It was September of 1998 and I was in initial-yr college.

I obtained my songs at that time from C.D.’s.  I hadn’t applied a cassette in very some time.

Previously that 12 months, a good deal of people today had identified how to obtain a C.D. from a tunes keep, take it house, duplicate the files onto their pc, and then return the C.D.

That sucks, ideal?  For the musicians and for the new music merchants?  Sure, but I’ve under no circumstances been one to make attempts at redoing heritage.  I’d fairly be straightforward about what social norms and customs were at the time, and get duty for my actions.  This was, in its really initial form, audio piracy.  Historical past will show that this was all part of the method in how new music went digital, considering

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