Sanne Vloet Shows Off Her Kitchen & Pantry Organization Tips

Victoria’s Secret model and founder of the matcha firm, Nekohama, Sanne Vloet a short while ago redecorated her kitchen. Her place is modernly built and bright — objects fantastically (and expertly) placed and saved in her cupboards and drawers.

Holding your kitchen structured isn’t an uncomplicated feat. It can be overwhelming, particularly when you’re procuring weekly or bi-weekly and your utensils and pantry objects enhance and overflow. Fortunate for us, Sanne welcomed Very good Housekeeping into her household, supplying us a tour of her brand name new kitchen and how she retains it muddle-no cost.

All through the walkthrough, you can be impressed by the size of Sanne’s kitchen. It really is so roomy! Most of her ceramic kitchenware (she enjoys shopping for them for cooking movies and at-household group dinners) are neatly saved in drawers featuring developed-in organizers. She uses trays on the counter to area her most-made use

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