How to Make Paper Snowflakes

We are often looking for Do it yourself crafts to share throughout this cheerful time. From displaying you how to make a bow as a current or decoration to how to Do it yourself a Christmas stocking to cover your compact (and delectable) treats. This time, you can discover how to make a snowflake in two distinct techniques.

Paper snowflakes make fantastic craft suggestions for children (and exclusive house decorations if you are looking for a wintery sense). You can glue them to your windows, cling them on your partitions and even transform them into a snowflake wreath for all of your company to admire. Abide by our simple measures for instructions on how to make normal and 3D paper snowflakes. You can also watch our video clip earlier mentioned for move-by-move visuals.

How to Make a Traditional Paper Snowflake



    1. Get to folding: Fold your paper diagonally.
      how to make a snowflake
    2. Snip
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