Paddywax’s “La Playa” Candles Turn into Margarita Glasses

With a literal pandemic taking place, I’ve been constantly lights candles to experience much more relaxed—and sometimes unwinding with a cocktail at night. Sue me! But if you have been in the exact boat these previous pair of months, then you may take pleasure in Paddywax’s “La Playa” assortment mainly because it combines candles and alcoholic beverages (perfectly, variety of). There are 5 diverse scents to decide on from, every in their very own stunning hand-blown vessel that turns into a margarita glass after the candle is concluded. It is sheer GENIUS. (Though you may have to make the drink by yourself, of program.)

Just about every candle is $27, but you might be also acquiring a chic cup out of it, so it really is variety of a offer, tbh. They also have diverse hues all-around the rim that are indicative of the scents (e.g., the green has notes

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