RE Q&A: Who Removes a Tree That Straddles a Property Line?

A tree is instantly on the assets line concerning two residences. Operator A’s insurance coverage organization says it should occur down does owner B have any obligation to assist pay for that?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Issue: Could you please make clear the obligations of neighbors who have a tree that straddles the assets line? Our insurance coverage organization is demanding that the tree occur down due to legal responsibility to the household. Should our neighbor have to pay some portion of the invoice to get rid of the tree? – Linc

Response: When a tree straddles the assets line, it generates a number of thorny problems to resolve. To do so, we will need to first appear at tree law in other cases.

When a tree is on your neighbor’s assets, but its limbs or roots extend on to your assets, you both equally have the proper

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