What’s the 4% Rule in Retirement? Safe Withdrawal Rate in Retirement Calculator

Wondering how much you need to save for retirement?

The math isn’t exactly rocket science. But you do need to understand the concept of safe withdrawal rates to run the numbers.

Here’s a quick overview, along with a withdrawal rate in retirement calculator to run numbers quickly.


What Are Safe Withdrawal Rates for Retirement?

While safe withdrawal rates sound complicated, they’re actually pretty simple.

A safe withdrawal rate is what percentage of your retirement portfolio you can pull out every year to live on, without running out of money before you croak (called “superannuation” by finance nerds). The more you pull out every year, the faster you’ll burn through your money. Not exactly rocket science, right?

So, one question is how long you want your nest egg to last. If you only plan on living for ten years after retiring, then you can burn through your nest egg much faster

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