How to Clean The Hardest to Reach Spots in Your Home

Whether you like to tidy on a daily basis or do a once-a-week deep scrub, keeping the house clean almost always includes some head-scratching moments. Trying to dust a sky-high bookshelf without toppling it, or reaching behind the toilet without touching it, can often feel like your own little version of household Jenga.

Stocking a few specialty tools (and regular household go-tos) will make tackling those hard-to-reach spots so much easier: An easy-to-maneuver vacuum, a swivel mop, and a microfiber feather duster are just a few to have in the closet.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most typical housecleaning conundrums you’re likely to encounter—and solutions that’ll make checking them off your to-do list a breeze.

Crown molding

crown molding

Beecher LaFrance

Crown molding—a decorative finishing detail most often seen wrapping around ceilings—can be beautiful, whether it’s rendered in a clean line or features more detailed motifs.

Cleaning it, on the

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