Insider updates on Dainas residential development project

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With this blog post, we will keep you updated on the latest news of our Latvian residential development project on Dainas street.

Key facts about Dainas residential development project:

  1. Category – Development project;
  2. Collateral – Owned by our SPV,  secured with a mortgage;
  3. Annual interest – 13% +1% (on investments over 5 000 claim units);
  4. Country – Latvia;
  5. Duration – 14 months;
  6. Payment frequency – Interests every 6 months;

Updates on 16.06.2022

Installation of piles has been started.

Updates for 15.06.2022

In June 2021, we published our first stage of Dainas residential development project. This financing stage was used to buy the land plot, together with notarial fees and taxes. As of today, it is officially owned by our Latvian SPV – Dainas Street 8 SIA. Considering that the real estate market in Baltics has grown exponentially in the past 5 years, the current market value

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